SnowPack® dry ice machine

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  • Ideal cooling media for sample transport
  • Performance depends on room temperature and pressure

SnowPack® enables you to obtain a -79 °C (-110.2 °F) dry ice tablet weighing 50 or 250 g (1.76 or 8.82 oz.) within a few moments, without complicated technology and without electricity! You can therefore obtain low-cost cooling to very low temperatures at any time you like.

SnowPack® is often used in hospitals, universities, schools, institutes, laboratories, in the chemical industry and in materials testing facilities.

Examples of use: Lowering the temperature in cooling baths or cold traps, pre-cooling tissue samples, ensuring safe transport or embedding biological substances, freezing blood and tissue samples, studies in chemistry, physics and materials technology, etc.

Dry ice is easy to handle, odorless and flavorless. The SnowPack® dry ice machine can be installed on any commercial CO2-bottle with a standpipe (without pressure regulator) (thread W 21.80 x 1/14" according to DIN 477-1 No. 6). These often exist in many production facilities and laboratories anyway. If this is not the case, a bottle can be rented for a small price from a local specialist gas distributor.

The use of SnowPack® is easy:

  1. Simply screw SnowPack® onto a CO2 bottle with standpipe.
  2. Open the valve, CO2 gas flows into the SnowPack® and crystallizes to dry ice.
  3. Open the clamp.
  4. Take out the dry ice pellet.

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