SampleSafe seal

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At a glance

  • Clear identification via numbers in sequence
  • 100 seals (10 strips) per pack
  • Protection against manipulation by stainless steel safety spring

Please note

  • Material PP

Retained samples must be always secured against falsification and ambiguity in identification. Bottles with sealing eyelets should therefore be secured with SampleSafe seals.

The seals are made of stable polypropylene. The seals are to be uniquely identified with the serial 9-digit number.

The seal ring has a diameter of 2 mm (0.08 in.), therefore SampleSafe seals also fit through small eyelets and slits. The seal tape is secured in the closure chamber by a metal insert made of stainless spring steel. The one-way tightening mechanism offers additional security against manipulation. It is not possible to forcibly open or manipulate the closure of the seal without leaving behind clear traces.

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